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Lyn Hines Marine Marketing Launches, a Practical Guide to Visiting San Francisco and Watching the America’s Cup.

March 15, 2010

Sausalito, Calif April 3, 2011  — Lyn Hines Marine Marketing launches the website to offer practical information for visitors coming to the San Francisco Bay area to be part of the America’s Cup events. Leading resources for transportation, hotels, grocery stores, parking, viewing spots, trails, bike paths, marinas, boatyards, chandlers, and more. Current events from leading journalists and official organizing groups. The site provides the best inside information to avoid using a car and keep stress to a minimum.

Much has been written in Tourist guides about visiting San Francisco, but rarely is there been a concentrated guide from a locals point of view for visitors interested in sailing. Planning for the 2012 events starts now by becoming familiar with the geography and services available.

A Sausalito local and sailor presents ‘tips and tricks’, places to go off the beaten track, where to get picnic supplies and find that trail to the best spots to see races. Interactive maps and photos orient the visitor to the Bay Area before they get there.

Sailboat racing in San Francisco has its particularities which are explanations via authoritative sites on currents and winds specific to San Francisco from a racing perspective.

As preparations evolve and events take place, relevant information is provided, via news feeds, from local sailing journalists, news outlets, official America’s Cup event organizers, city organizers, weather sites.
The sites objective is serve information to have the best America’s Cup experience, using alternative transportation, and with the least amount of stress.